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Article Posted 22 Apr 2022

Coursera and the future of work: (The Learnit Memo 22/04/22)

Jenny Anderson, Author & Host of the Learnit podcast, Learnit

Video Posted 21 Apr 2022

Online learning and a world of remote work

Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO, Coursera

Video Posted 21 Apr 2022

Artificial intelligence is coming to our classrooms - but what does it look like?

Felix Ohswald, CEO & Co-Founder, GoStudent

Podcast Posted 21 Apr 2022

Diversifying the future workforce

Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO, Coursera

Video Posted 07 Apr 2022

Inside the edtech boom

Maia Sharpley, Katy Fryatt, Mario Barosevcic, James Kim

Video Posted 07 Apr 2022

Taking others on your edtech journey

Steve Pinches, Jeanette O'Connor, James Garnett

Video Posted 07 Apr 2022

Beyond just a backup plan: the future of digital learning

Soheir Zaki Abdel Fattah, Praveen Raju, Rafael VillaseƱor, Stephen Jull

Podcast Posted 17 Mar 2022

Giving students a voice in their education

Dr Valerie Bridges, Superintendent, Edgecombe County Public Schools

Podcast Posted 16 Dec 2021

Edtech: how to convince your staff to adopt new technology

Lauren Herckis, Simon Initiative Special Faculty, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Podcast Posted 11 Nov 2021

Forward College: preparing students to have an immediate impact

Boris Walbaum, Founder, Forward College

Podcast Posted 14 Oct 2021

Building an online school in China

Jenny Anderson, Erika Carlson

Article Posted 08 Oct 2021

An interdisciplinary approach to HE: The Learnit Memo (8/10/21)

Jenny Anderson, Author & Host of the Learnit podcast, Learnit

Podcast Posted 30 Sep 2021

What makes for effective tutoring?

Jenny Anderson, Felix Ohswald

Article Posted 02 Jul 2021

Does Duolingo prove that in some educational areas, tech beats humans? The Learnit Memo (2/7/21)

Podcast Posted 14 May 2021

Is edtech investment spending here to stay?

Jenny Anderson, Maria Spies

Podcast Posted 25 Mar 2021

How the pandemic has affected study habits per country

Jenny Anderson, Matthew Glotzbach

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