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Video Posted 07 Apr 2022

Inside the tutoring boom

Bertie Hubbard, Michael Lombardo, Rahim Hirji, Ann Mroz, AJ Gutierrez

Video Posted 05 Apr 2022

Communiversities: what do universities owe their local area?

Hugh Martin, Derek Douglas, Julie Wells

Article Posted 25 Feb 2022

Exam results and student loan access: The Learnit Memo (25/2/22)

Jenny Anderson, Author & Host of the Learnit podcast, Learnit

Podcast Posted 22 Oct 2021

Girls' education in Afghanistan: affecting change from outside the system

Jenny Anderson, Rangina Hamidi

Podcast Posted 30 Sep 2021

What makes for effective tutoring?

Jenny Anderson, Felix Ohswald

Podcast Posted 17 Sep 2021

Student and teacher wellbeing: is peer support the key?

Jenny Anderson, Suzi Godson

Podcast Posted 22 Jul 2021

A low-cost, pay-as-you-go private school model

Jenny Anderson, Alain Guy Tanefo

Article Posted 02 Jul 2021

Does Duolingo prove that in some educational areas, tech beats humans? The Learnit Memo (2/7/21)

Podcast Posted 25 Mar 2021

How the pandemic has affected study habits per country

Jenny Anderson, Matthew Glotzbach

Article Posted 12 Mar 2021

Post-pandemic, our students deserve more than a return to normal: The Learnit Memo (12/3/21)

Jenny Anderson, Author & Host of the Learnit podcast, Learnit

Video Posted 12 Mar 2021

Hybrid and online learning: managing a joyful faculty transition

Sarah Wright, Faculty-Lead for Technology-Enabled Learning, Edge Hill University

Video Posted 12 Mar 2021

Building (and raising for) new edtech, designed for widescale remote learning

Deborah Quazzo, Michael Chasen

Video Posted 09 Mar 2021

Investing venture capital profits in talented students: The Academy Group model

Gregory Jones, Executive Director, The Academy Group

Video Posted 09 Mar 2021

Upskilling, reskilling and finding jobs: building a Waze for career navigation

Maria Flynn, Steven Lee

Video Posted 08 Mar 2021

Girls' education: why Covid-19 could be a threat to progress

Patricia Vázquez del Mercado, Director for International Cooperation, Radix Education

Video Posted 06 Mar 2021

Affordable non-state schools: ensuring quality and sustainability

Renée McAlpin, Global Manager, EduQuality Programme

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