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Video Posted 12 Mar 2021

Edtech startups: what are global investors looking for?

Shauntel Garvey, Benoit Wirz, Kai Talas, Amit Patel, Jan Lynn-Matern

Video Posted 12 Mar 2021

Building (and raising for) new edtech, designed for widescale remote learning

Deborah Quazzo, Michael Chasen

Video Posted 10 Mar 2021

Helping universities survive: how to take HE beyond the status quo

Nancy Hubbard, Dean, College of Business, University of Lynchburg

Video Posted 09 Mar 2021

Edtech in 2022 and beyond: Hurtling toward education 3.0

Maia Sharpley, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Juvo Ventures

Video Posted 09 Mar 2021

Edtech company Chegg's growth during the pandemic (and what comes next)

Jenny Anderson, Dan Rosensweig

Video Posted 09 Mar 2021

High-demand apprenticeships: no longer the alternate pathway

Euan Blair, Betsy Corcoran

Video Posted 09 Mar 2021

How technology could transform education

Simon Nelson, Group Digital Director, Nord Anglia

Video Posted 09 Mar 2021

Edtech and universities: has Covid-19 reset the relationship?

Anne Margulies, Laurie Forcier

Video Posted 07 Mar 2021

Education in Afghanistan: helping the hardest to reach during Covid-19

Rangina Hamidi, Former Acting Minister of Education, Afghanistan

Video Posted 07 Mar 2021

Digital transformation: OpenClassrooms, Pole-Emploi and changing the future of work

Jenny Anderson, Pierre Dubuc

Video Posted 05 Mar 2021

Universities and the growing working adult learning challenge

Jenny Anderson, Paul Freedman, Mary Hawkins

Video Posted 04 Mar 2021

Reforming the exam system: the UK’s Rethinking Assessment movement

Sarah Fletcher, Head Mistress, St Paul’s Girls’ School

Video Posted 04 Mar 2021

Technology and student wellbeing: using the virtual world to tackle a real-world crisis

Susanna V. Kempe, Kathleen Naglee

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