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Video Posted 09 Mar 2021

Investing venture capital profits in talented students: The Academy Group model

Gregory Jones, Executive Director, The Academy Group

Video Posted 09 Mar 2021

How Colgate University used leadership and resilience to navigate the pandemic

Brian Casey, President, Colgate University

Video Posted 09 Mar 2021

High-demand apprenticeships: no longer the alternate pathway

Euan Blair, Betsy Corcoran

Video Posted 09 Mar 2021

How technology could transform education

Simon Nelson, Group Digital Director, Nord Anglia

Video Posted 09 Mar 2021

University of the People: the incomplete applications that sparked an evolution

Shai Reshef, Founder & President, University of the People

Video Posted 09 Mar 2021

Edtech and universities: has Covid-19 reset the relationship?

Anne Margulies, Laurie Forcier

Video Posted 09 Mar 2021

What 21st-century skills assessment could look like in higher education

Lydia Liu, Principal Research Director, ETS

Video Posted 09 Mar 2021

The 'crisis' of traditional teaching models and how one HE consortium is addressing it

Ju-Ho Lee, Chair, Education Workforce Initiative

Video Posted 08 Mar 2021

Educational leadership: experiences from the US and UK

Lee Buddy Jr., Katy Fryatt, John Short Ring

Video Posted 06 Mar 2021

How community schools can address inequality and transform education

Rebecca Winthrop, Senior Fellow & Co-Director, Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution

Video Posted 04 Mar 2021

Will the Covid-19 pandemic herald the second age of the Mooc?

Nina Huntemann, Laurie Forcier

Video Posted 04 Mar 2021

Using technology to foster deeper connections

Diane Tavenner, Co-Founder and CEO, Summit Public Schools

Video Posted 04 Mar 2021

Minerva's new interdisciplinary, competency-based Baccalaureate

Ben Nelson, Chairman and CEO, Minerva Project

Article Posted 12 Feb 2021

Australia's international student dilemma: The Learnit Memo (12/2/21)

Jenny Anderson, Author & Host of the Learnit podcast, Learnit

Podcast Posted 19 Jan 2021

Higher education on a shoestring: how University of the People keeps costs down

Jenny Anderson, Shai Reshef

Podcast Posted 18 Dec 2020

What the data tells us about the future of education

Jenny Anderson, Maria Spies

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