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Article Posted 13 May 2022

When the tests take over: (The Learnit Memo 13/05/22)

Jenny Anderson, Author & Host of the Learnit podcast, Learnit

Podcast Posted 06 May 2022

No more high stakes exams

Sarah Fletcher, Peter Hyman

Article Posted 06 May 2022

Why education needs to break the menopause taboo: (The Learnit Memo 06/05/22)

Jenny Anderson, Author & Host of the Learnit podcast, Learnit

Video Posted 21 Apr 2022

UAE: an ambitious 50-year vision for its education system

H.E. Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, UAE

Video Posted 21 Apr 2022

Ukrainian education: why and how to help

Artur Seletskyi, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education

Article Posted 08 Apr 2022

Where next for Africa's edtech journey? (The Learnit Memo: 8 April 2022)

Sarah Cunnane, Content Director, Learnit

Video Posted 07 Apr 2022

What's the future for nonstate actors in education?

Aashti Zaidi Hai, Scott Sheridan, Pablo Jaramillo Quintero

Video Posted 07 Apr 2022

Getting girls' education back on track

Chernor Bah, Rangina Hamidi, Jeff Maggioncalda

Video Posted 07 Apr 2022

Identifying and reducing bias in assessments

Amy Jin Johnson, Executive Director, Project Implicit Inc

Video Posted 07 Apr 2022

Widening the net: private schools head online

Dr. Neelam Parmar, John Gwyn Jones

Video Posted 05 Apr 2022

Achieving parity of esteem for technical and vocational education

Camilla Leirvik, Julia Belgutay, Ben Blackledge, Ashok Pandey, Abdullatif AlShamsi

Video Posted 05 Apr 2022

What do today’s students want from today’s educator leaders?

Madison Reid, Sophmore Scholar, Beaumont School

Video Posted 05 Apr 2022

Ukraine and the future of refugee education

Yuli Tamir, Birgit Lao, Emma Wagner, William Florance

Video Posted 01 Apr 2022

How do we tackle intolerance and racism within the education system?

Bion Bartning, Founder & CEO, FAIR​​ ​​(Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism)

Podcast Posted 17 Mar 2022

Giving students a voice in their education

Dr Valerie Bridges, Superintendent, Edgecombe County Public Schools

Podcast Posted 04 Mar 2022

Fixing school culture, eroded by pandemic

Pablo Jaramillo Quintero, Director General, Alianza Educativa

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