8-12 March 2021

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Virtual Introductions

Personalised meetings between education leaders and digital learning companies to solve challenges during and post pandemic

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Industry Experts
Industry Experts
Industry Experts

Learnit’s mission is to create a better world by catalysing change in education globally. We believe that by uniting the global learning community, and leading an intellectually honest conversation about the current state and future of learning, we can revolutionise education, and ultimately change the world.

Learnit’s conversation is open and honest. It’s a conversation about how to give everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity or wealth, the opportunity to reach their greatest potential in a rapidly evolving world.

Learnit’s community is disruptive, brave, international and senior. It is untethered by legacy, politics or geography. Our community includes government, K-12 and higher ed leaders as well as tech companies, investors and startups.

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Learnit was founded in 2018 by Katy Fryatt